Sports & Recreation

The Bucksport area has many sports and recreational activities awaiting your discovery. From outdoor walking trails, to indoor classes provided by the Recreation Department's Challenging Choices Program. Check out some of our sports and recreational activities available in Bucksport below. With questions or concerns, please contact our Parks & Recreation Department.

Municipal Ice Skating Rink  The Town of Bucksport has a great municipal ice skating rink open to all area youth and citizens. The ice skating rink is a great opportunity to get outside and have fun during winter.

Community Walking Trails  Whether you are interested in walking along Bucksport Bay, taking in the cool afternoon ocean breeze, or hiking through a Maine forest listening to all the sounds of nature, Bucksport has a trail for your enjoyment. Three separate publicly owned walking trails offer miles of exercise and majestic views not found anywhere other than the Center of the Known Universe.

Bucksport Waterfront Walkway  This mile-long jewel can not be replicated anywhere in the World! Visitors travel from miles around to experience what we have in our back yard. Bucksport's Waterfront Walkway is a popular attraction for visitors and locals alike. Nightly strolls after a quality meal at one of downtown's restaurants take on a romantic outing. Seniors and Juniors enjoy walking on the brick pavers with their friends as they catch up on family news. Visitors to town can be found reading the many historic plaques located along the walkway or commenting on the variety of quality plants and flowers that appear to go on forever and ever. With public restrooms conveniently located at each end of the walkway, and gazebos & water fountains that offer space to reflect, the Waterfront Walkway encourages families to spend quality time together in downtown Bucksport.

Miles Lane Trail Systems  This three-mile trail provides man-made surfaces that make jogging and walking enjoyable all the while enjoying nature at it's best. The Miles Lane Trail is used by recreational walkers and runners who are tired of exercising on an outdoor track. It is also used by teachers in nearby Miles Lane and Bucksport Middle Schools to provide hands on education opportunities for their students. Adjacent to the all-weather 1/4 mile track at Bucksport High School, there is plenty of convenient parking for visitors and with separate legs making up the 3 mile loop, walkers can choose different segments as their needs change.

Silver Lake Trail Systems  This 67 acre park combines education with recreation, fun with the sun and water with nature's creatures. Silver Lake Park is a masterpiece of identifying everything special about the State of Maine and why millions of visitors come to Maine on vacation every year. with a self narrated tour of a species forest, walkers can learn about every tree that is native to our state within their natural environment. And with 6 hiking trails there is a trail for any walking condition. A boat landing allows visitors to arrive by water and spend hours watching deer and partridge in their native surroundings, listening to birds singing and 100 foot pines swaying in a breeze or photographing beautiful flowers framed in front of a picturesque lake. Or a convenient parking lot allows visitors to experience Maine's wilderness within 5 minutes of downtown Bucksport.

Town Pool  Bucksport's Municipal Pool is a great opportunity for all members of the community - not dependent on age. Throughout the summer season the municipal pool has many offerings for swimming lessons, as well as many open times throughout the day for free swims for community youth, as well as free swims for the community's adults.

Bucksport Fitness Center  The Bucksport Fitness Center - located at the G. Herbert Jewett School - has many different recreational offerings in store. The fitness center offers many different features, including, but not limited to: treadmills; cycles; ellipticals; ab-loungers; ab-crunchers; weight machines; and free weights. Membership to the fitness center is $10 month via auto-deduction.