Solid Waste

2008transferstationThe Bucksport Solid Waste Facility (Transfer Station) provides a convenient way for residents of Bucksport  to dispose of their household waste, demolition debris, clean wood, metal, bulky items, mercury added products, garden and yard waste, recyclable items, and used motor oil.

A permit is required to dispose of solid waste at the solid waste facility as described below:

Regular permit: A regular permit may be obtained at the Transfer Station by providing a current State of Maine vehicle registration form issued by the Town of Bucksport. The permit will be issued as a sticker, which must be displayed so that it is visible from the rear of the vehicle. The permit will be in effect until such time as a new permit is issued.

Temporary permit: A temporary permit may be obtained at the Bucksport Town Office by anyone who does not have a current Maine vehicle registration form but who resides in Bucksport, by providing a copy of a rent agreement, property purchase agreement, property deed or a statement from the tax collector noting ownership or rental of property. The permit must be renewed annually and will expire December 31 of each year.

TRANSFER_STATIONSpecial permit: A special permit may be obtained from the town manager by anyone who does not qualify for a regular or temporary permit but who does or will generate solid waste within the boundaries of Bucksport or participating communities. The permit will be issued for a period as designated by the town manager and will require verification of information as determined necessary by the town manager. Proof will be required to verify that the waste is being generated within the boundaries of Bucksport or any participating community.

The facility’s day to day operations are managed by the transfer station operator or the assistant operator, as required. The public works director provides overall supervision for the facility.

Copies of the rules and regulations for the solid waste facility,and information on disposal fees are available during normal business hours at the solid waste facility, and the Bucksport town office .

Individuals are permitted to dispose of all household waste at no cost.  Metal items can be disposed of at no cost and fees are assessed based on volume for demolition debris, clean wood, mercury added products and bulky items.

Contact Information

Operating Hours:
Thursday - Monday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The facility is CLOSED on:

  • all legal holidays

Operator: Daniel Robinson
Assistant Operator: Misty Young

16 Transfer Station Road
P.O Box X
Bucksport, ME 04416

Phone: 207-469-7496
Fax: 207-469-7369
Emergency Phone # after hours:  469-7951

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