Outdoor Activities

Downtown Waterfront Walkway

What better place to pursue recreational activities than the great outdoors in Bucksport! Here are a few places that we believe are perfect for recreational activities:

The Downtown Waterfront Walkway is perhaps the best-known recreational destination in Bucksport. The mile-long walkway along Penobscot Bay is finished with brick pavers and is mostly level, making its use easy for people of all ages and physical fitness. There are several access points along Main Street, where ample parking is available. Bicycles, skateboards and skates are not allowed on the walkway.

Miles Lane Trail System

The town has also developed a trail system off Miles Lane. The trails are close to residential neighborhoods and schools, and as you might expect, they get a lot of use from local residents and schoolchildren on class outings. These non-paved trails are easy to traverse and well-groomed, and are intended for shared use by walkers and runners. There are plans to develop connecting trail routes between the Miles Lane Trails and the Waterfront Walkway.

There is also a grand plan to develop an even larger trail system by connecting the Miles Lane Trail system with several miles of wooded trails around Silver Lake that the town has developed for the more adventurous outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Silver Lake is the least-developed water body in Bucksport, so these trails offer more of a wilderness experience for hikers, even though they are not far from the downtown area. The trails are primitive and pass through some wet areas. Appropriate footwear is recommended.

Silver Lake Canoe Landing

Speaking of Silver Lake, the town has a public boat launch on the westerly shore of this lake, which is the largest water body in Bucksport. Fishermen from near and far launch their boats there to enjoy good fishing. The lake is also the location of a winter fishing derby that draws hundreds each year. Jacob Buck Pond also has a public boat launch for fishermen, as well as for kayaks and canoes. 

Saltwater boating activities are accommodated by a public dock located off Main Street, as well as a municipally-run marina nearby. The dock is heavily-used by recreational boaters, commercial fishermen, and cruise ships, and nearly every slip in the marina is filled every summer. There are also several moorings in the bay for boaters to use. The town also maintains a smaller pier downstream from the public dock generally used for fishing. The town employs a harbor master to oversee boating activity in the bay.


Runners and joggers frequently use the town’s trail systems for exercise, but some also use Silver Lake Road, which provides a scenic view of the lake for part of the run. The road is also used for an annual organized 10-mile run (Tour de Lac) that draws runners from the local area and from away.

If playing outdoor sports is your preference for recreation, there are tennis and basketball courts for use by the public when not in use for school activities. The town also operates a public swimming pool that is quite popular on hot summer days. And for the younger kids, Ian's Playground, a public park on Elm Street, is a perfect spot to vent all that youthful energy!

Ian's Playground

In the winter, the town operates a municipal ice skating rink that is open to all area youth and citizens. Other outdoor winter recreational experiences that can be enjoyed in Bucksport include cross-country skiing and snowshoeing along the trail systems mentioned above.

For more information on recreation in Bucksport, visit the town's Parks & Recreation  and Sports & Recreation websites.

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