Bucksport Safety, Accessibility, and Economic Conceptual Plan

~ Planning Partnership Initiative ~

In June 2022, the Town of Bucksport entered into a Planning Partnership Initiative (PPI) with the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT). The Town of Bucksport released a Request for Proposal that was awarded to TY Lin, who was the contractor for the project. As part of the study there were multiple Open Houses in which the community had the opportunity for public input. The final full report was submitted to the town on August 11, 2023 and at the September 28, 2023 Town Council Meeting the motion passed to send the project to the voters (June 2024) to access the Village Partnership Initiative (VPI) funding, which consists of 80% funding from the federal government, 10% funding from the MDOT and 10% funding from the Town of Bucksport.

The goals outlined in the application were:

  • Improving safety for all users of Main Street; Pedestrians, Cyclists, vehicles, etc. 
  • Slowing the speed of vehicular traffic on Main Street.
  • Addressing traffic turning to or from cross streets. 
  • Ensuring our sidewalks and crosswalks are user friendly for pedestrians of all ages and abilities.
Study Area Identified study area.

~ Click here to view the final report from the Planning Partnership Initiative ~