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Disclaimer: The Assessment Information and Tax Maps for the Town of Bucksport are made available on the Internet as a public service and reliance on such information is at the user's own risk. The Town of Bucksport does not warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any information on the town's website and may not be liable for any losses caused by any person's reliance on the information available on this website.

To view the Tax Assessment Information, please click on the document(s) below.  NOTE:  The document(s) are current to the date on each page. The Valuation Reports show how the current assessed values were derived. For some accounts, information such as utilities, topography and street type have not been inputted as yet. The Assessor would be happy to receive any updated information on these properties. Sales price data is provided by the Maine Revenue Service.

If you would like a digital tax card for a particular property (with photo & sketch), please email the assessor with your request:



If you disagree substantially with your property tax assessment for the current year, click on the abatement application above. Applications must be submitted within 185 days of the Commitment Date. For example, if Commitment was July 1st (the target date), the deadline would be January 2nd.
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Tax Assessment Information Documents20 documents

  • Abatement Application Form
    document _recordid 25
  • CY 21 Transfer Documents_JUN 2021
    document _recordid 24
  • CY 21 Transfer Documents_MAY 2021
    document _recordid 23
  • CY 21 Transfer Documents_APR 2021
    document _recordid 22
  • CY 21 Transfer Documents_MAR 2021
    document _recordid 21
  • CY 21 Transfer Documents_FEB 2021
    document _recordid 20
  • CY 21 Transfer Documents_JAN 2021
    document _recordid 19
  • CY2020_Bucksport_RE_Transfers
    document _recordid 18
  • CY2019_Bucksport_RE_Transfers
    document _recordid 17
  • CY2018_Bucksport_RE_Transfers
    document _recordid 16
  • CY2017_Bucksport_RE_Transfers
    document _recordid 15
  • CY2016_Bucksport_RE_Transfers
    document _recordid 14
  • CY2015_Bucksport_RE_Transfers
    document _recordid 13
  • CY2014_Bucksport_RE_Transfers
    document _recordid 12
  • Tax_Maps_50_thru_53_Valuation_Reports_by_parcel
    document _recordid 11
  • Tax_Maps_40_thru_49_Valuation_Reports_by_parcel
    document _recordid 10
  • Tax_Maps_30_thru_39_Valuation_Reports_by_parcel
    document _recordid 9
  • Tax_Maps_20_thru_29_Valuation_Reports_by_parcel
    document _recordid 8
  • Tax_Maps_10_thru_19_Valuation_Reports_by_parcel
    document _recordid 7
  • Tax_Maps_01_thru_09_Valuation_Reports_by_parcel
    document _recordid 6

Keys to Assessment Codes5 documents

  • Zones (Land Use Zones)
    document _recordid 31
  • Property Types
    document _recordid 30
  • Land Types
    document _recordid 29
  • Exemption Types
    document _recordid 28
  • Building Types  Key to Building Type Codes
    document _recordid 27