LEFTATLIGHT_SIGN_Web_WebBucksport is located along US Route 1, a major route taken every year by vacationers heading to and from Mount Desert Island and points downeast. The town first comes in to view to travelers heading east over the Penobscot Narrows Bridge from Prospect. Those who stop to visit the observatory 400 feet above the river have an even better opportunity to view the town’s redeveloped downtown waterfront, and perhaps be enticed to take a closer ground-level look before heading on to their destination. We think that’s a great idea! 

So how do you get to our downtown area, you ask? There couldn’t be any simpler directions: just turn left on to Main Street when you come to the only traffic light in Bucksport! In fact, after you have made that turn and driven just a short distance down Main Street, you may decide to change your travel plans and stay for a while when you see what our town has to offer. That’s because Bucksport provides just about every service or amenity you might be in need of during your vacation. There are shops, grocery stores, banks & ATMs, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, salons & barbershops, fuel & service stations, lodging, and several dining options for sit-down or take-out service. Wi-fi service is also available on Main Street. Just about every need vacationers may have can be met in Bucksport. 

Vacationers traveling by boat can be assured that all these services are also available to them, as well as some that are unique to sea-faring visitors. These include a town-maintained dock and moorings for boats, and a local marina that offers slips for overnight and seasonal rentals. Fuel and pump-out services are also available. The dock also provides berth for cruise ships stopping to allow their passengers a chance to explore our friendly town. For more information on boating in our harbor, visit the Bucksport Marina and Bucksport Harbor Master websites. 

Bicycling vacationers traveling in small or large groups find Bucksport a convenient stopping point during their tours of coastal Maine. Some stay only long enough to regroup and refresh, while others take advantage of our bicycle-friendly lodging and dining establishments. Whatever their needs may be, cycling enthusiasts are welcome any time in our town. 
Whatever your mode of travel, before continuing on with your vacation itinerary, be sure to take a stroll along our mile-long waterfront walkway. Here you will experience a beautiful bay view unlike any other in the world. The walkway is also a great place to have a picnic. Public restrooms and information kiosks are conveniently located near the Veteran's Memorial and at the town dock, both of which are next to the walkway.

Also along the walkway is the town’s old railroad station that now houses the local Historical Society. Visitors to this historical building can learn about the town’s eventful past through photos, exhibits and lore, including the legend of a witch’s curse placed upon the town’s founder, Jonathan Buck. To this very day, evidence of the curse can be seen on the Buck Monument (see our photo banner above) located right on Route 1. Even travelers on the tightest vacation schedules can’t resist stopping to see this unique curiosity that the town of Bucksport has become known for.

There’s a lot to do in Bucksport, and local businesses and the town are working hard to provide visitors with an enjoyable and memorable experience that will inspire them to return again and again. 

We hope to see you soon!

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What does Bucksport offer for food, lodging and site-seeing attractions?

The town offers several dining and lodging options, and site-seeing attractions. For more information, visit Experience Bucksport.

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